Our Team - Lanyon

We are pleased to welcome Phytlinc Physiotherapy Lanyon as Part of the Southside Physiotherapy Group. We have a great team at Lanyon. Alison Lound from Phytlinc, and Kerri Edwards and Richard Costin from Southside Physio Tuggeranong who will now be seeing clients at the Lanyon practice. Most recently, Michael Irvine has joined the team.

Kerri Edwards

Bachelor of Applied Science (Sports Science), University of Canberra. Masters of Exercise Gerontology, University of Alberta, Canada. Masters of Physiotherapy, University of Canberra.

Kerri is a senior physiotherapist at Southside Physiotherapy. She joined the team here in 2008.

Kerri is passionate about enhancing client wellbeing through helping clients understand their presenting condition and empowering clients to take an active role in their treatment and recovery.

In combination with client education and active rehabilitation, Kerri is an advocate of a 'hands-on' approach when it comes to intervention. Kerri enjoys treating a wide variety of musculoskeletal conditions, such as neck and back pain, pelvis/sacroiliac joint pain/dysfunction, shoulder pain and injuries, and sports injuries. Kerri also has a comprehensive knowledge of care and management of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis conditions. In addition, Kerri has a special interest in antenatal conditions such as back and pelvic/SIJ pain and dysfunction during pregnancy.

Kerri is also a qualified practitioner for the Integrated Listening System (iLs). This system uses the principles of neuroplasticity to help children and adults with learning difficulties, anxiety, symptoms of ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorder, and many other issues. She uses the iLs system in conjunction with movement training programs in-rooms, or can set up clients with a home program.

Alison Lound

BSc. Human Biology, Master of Physiotherapy, University of Canberra.

Alison completed a Bachelor of Applied Science in Human Biology and a Master of Physiotherapy at the University of Canberra. Involved in various sports from a young age, Alison often found herself injured which led her to pursue a career in physiotherapy.

Alison’s professional interests extend to sports injuries, post-operative rehabilitation, neurological physiotherapy, management of chronic pain and hydrotherapy. Alison empowers her clients to take charge of their recovery through education, goal setting and active rehabilitation.

Outside physiotherapy Alison enjoys spending time with family and friends, football, travelling and live music.

Richard Costin

Bachelor of Nursing, University of Canberra. Master of Physiotherapy, University of Canberra.

Richard has been a part of the Southside Physiotherapy team since 2011. He previously worked as a Registered Nurse for 9 years, gaining experience locally as well as in the UK and Qatar.

Richard enjoys treating a wide variety of musculoskeletal conditions, including acute sporting injuries, chronic pain disorders, post-op rehabilitation, and cervicogenic headaches. He also has a keen interest in the treatment of lower limb tendinopathies, such as achilles, patella, gluteal and plantar fasciitis.

Richard is experienced in utilising aquatic physiotherapy (hydrotherapy) in the treatment of musculoskeletal, orthopaedic, and other chronic conditions such as Rheumatoid arthritis and diabetes. He is also trained in the application of dry-needling.

It is Richard's passion to get clients back on track with achieving their exercise goals, returning to sport or work, and providing client education.