Aquatic Physiotherapy

Recovery from injury or surgery, or managing pain from arthritis, can often be difficult when painful joints or muscles are not able to take your full body weight. Exercising in warm water provides a safe environment where buoyancy, and therefore reduced body weight, makes it possible to perform exercises, strengthen muscles and move joints with less pain. 

Conditions which respond well to aquatic physiotherapy (also known as hydrotherapy) are:

  • Shoulder problems;
  • Back and neck conditions; 
  • Arthritic complaints;
  • Chronic pain disorders; and
  • Post-operative rehabilitation after surgery (e.g. spinal surgery, shoulder reconstruction, knee and ligament repairs and joint replacements). 

Aquatic physiotherapy can also assist with neurological, cardio-pulmonary and psychological rehabilitation. Normal movement is made easier and muscles in spasm often relax with the warmth and support of the water. It is also a great way to work on increasing your overall fitness and coordination in a low impact environment.

At Southside Physio, our qualified aquatic physiotherapists will initially assess your condition and physical abilities to make sure that aquatic physiotherapy is the right treatment path for you. This is usually done during an appointment in our rooms. They will then design a specific exercise program for you in the pool, taking into consideration how the physical properties of water, such as buoyancy, drag forces, hydrostatic pressure and turbulence, will best help you in your rehabilitation. The exercises in this program can then be gradually increased in intensity and difficulty until you are ready to return to full weight bearing exercise on land.

Exercising in warm water provides a safe environment to strengthen muscles and move joints with less pain.