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+ Aquatic - Physiotherapy rehabilitation in the water.

Deakin: Kings Swim Deakin
Wed and Fri 7am-10am 
Calwell: Calwell Pool
Monday: 7:30am-9 am and 1-3pm, Wednesday 7:30-3pm 

Cost: Calwell: 30 min session $37
          Deakin: 60 min session $57



Southside Physio realise the benefits of Aquatic Physio and exercise in water. + Aquatic is a series of Physio led pool classes for general strength,flexibility and exercise and for targeted rehabilitation in a low load bearing environment. The warm enviroment (around 33 degrees) is very beneficial for the rehab process and therapeutic benefits. We currently run + Aquatic in two locations and have a variety of class options, lengths and styles. Please note you will need a 1:1 assessment with your physio before you join a class.

Calwell – for information contact 62931955 or tug@sspg.com.au

Deakin- for information contact 62825010 or wod@sspg.com.au


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