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+ Back Strength training for lower back pain.

Woden: Monday 6-7pm and Thursday 5-6 pm

Tuggeranong:  Monday 4:30-5.30 pm, Tuesday 8:30-9.30 and Thursday 4:30-5:30

Cost: $648(8 weeks), $876(12 weeks)


As a part of our desire to help the Canberra Community with lower back pain, + Back has been developed Southside Physio. It is one of our + classes, which are to complement your ongoing rehabilitation.  We offer an 8 or 12-week option with classes to be attended twice weekly within your class period. The class is led by a physiotherapist and aims to progressively expose you to positive movements and safe strength training for your lower back. The exercises can be scaled from the most basic strength all the way up to high level back strength and weight-lifting. 

Who is + Back for?

– Lower back pain
– Back or core weakness
– Desk work with low spinal fitness
– Back injuries from physical jobs
– Post COVID deconditioning




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