Urge urinary incontinence - let's get in control together

Do you often think that you spend most of your day running to the toilet? Do you try to count how many times you’re going to the toilet through the day and then loose track? How many times is enough, or too much? Are you going ‘Just in Case’? And are you making it in time?

Guess what… we can help you to answer these questions and guess what again… it is ok, and you are not alone if these things are happening to you, as it can happen to anyone!


Urge Urinary Incontinence?

Urge urinary incontinence describes the loss of bladder control that occurs when someone has a strong sensation of needing to pass urine and is trying not to go to the toilet i.e. is holding on... but they leak anyway. This type of urinary leakage is quite different to that which might occur when you cough, sneeze or laugh (Stress Incontinence), because what is happening to the bladder and the underlying anatomical problem is actually quite different.

Are there treatment options? Yes!

  1. Lifestyle and diet modification (decreasing or maybe even increasing your daily fluid intake?)
  2. Behaviour re-training (being the boss of your bladder!)


For more information on treatment options and to book in with our Women’s Health Physiotherapists Lisa Kaye or Jess Andriolo for an assessment, please contact Southside Physio 6293 1955 (Tuggeranong) or 6282 5010 (Woden),or BOOK ONLINE

Let’s get in control together!

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