Staying well in stressful times




This is a blog written to our Southsiders and all Canberrans in this stressful time.  What a year 2020 has been, with Bushfires, Hail storms, Flooding and now the COVID-19 virus causing stress in our community.  As we write this (Tues 17th March 2020) we remain open for business as usual, with additional precautions taken to improve moments of hygiene and protect our clients from the spread of the virus.  Now is a time to be thankful for health, be mindful of what is important and more than ever - to stick together as a community.  Southside Physio will continue to closely listen to the advice of the ACT and Australian Government regarding our trading.  If you are well, able and comfortable to attend your appointment, please continue to do so. We like many small businesses in Canberra will appreciate your support in these tough times.  If we do have to close, there are measures in place to ensure that you will still be able to access Physiotherapy services via telehealth appointments. Our past Blog on telehealth has all the relevant details on how to organise an appointment of this kind. >>> click the above link for this>>>

The remainder of this blog is to reiterate the importance of the 4 pillars of wellness - a central theme to all treatments and our model of care at Southside Physio.  

The 4 pillars of wellness: 

  • Sleep 
  • Exercise
  • Nutrition
  • Mindset/ Mindfulness

>>>click this link for a 9 min podcast on the 4 pillars of wellness >>>

These four key areas are predictors of health in all people.  Summarised brilliantly in the Telomere Effect by Elizabeth Blackburn - when we are on top of our 4 pillars of wellness we are more healthy on a cellular level, our immune system is boosted and we are less likely to be impacted by sickness and chronic disease.  These are areas that we can all work on to improve our resilience to sickness, and to be healthy in a stressful time. If you have been placed in isolation do your best to stay active, try some gardening, walking, bodyweight or home based exercises. Practice some mindfulness, eat well and get your required amount of sleep. 

For our runners and footballers/ sports people - if you are not sure what to do - please stay active. Go outside and run, walk or do activity that will help you keep your current training load up.  If we simply pause our activities now and then try to resume them once the COVID-19 has settled, there will be a high number of injuries due to incorrect load management. 

The following information is borrowed from the Victorian Ultra Runners FB Group (Ross Kinsella):  

 Some simple running tips to help with the recent Covid-19 pandemic.

  • Please continue to train and run. It is safer to run outside than it is inside around other people. Now is the time to explore new trails, be free and a happy spirit. Enjoy nature, the fresh air, the birds and life all around us.


  • The Physiological and Psychological benefits of endorphin release, reduced stress, anxiety, improved mental clarity, continued cardiovascular and respiratory benefits in addition to Vitamin D production to name a few will help you to be a better person and make better decisions at this time for you, your family and loved ones.


  • We are social animals, so if you are nervous about running with others, why don’t you have a phone discussion with your friends while you run, rather than listening to a podcast. Keep the communication up and discuss your feelings and concerns.


  •  Be kind to each other at this point in time, control what you can control. As the serenity prayer beautiful says " God, grant us the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference".


We will continue to keep you up to date with our trading and situation regarding COVID-19 and will always do what is safest for our clients, team and community.