Practical steps to self care

COVID 19- the importance of self-care in our current world order

Some practical steps to take care of yourself 

So many of you who have come through the Southside doors have at one stage or another heard your physio talk about the “Four Pillars of Wellness”.


Never have these been more important to every individual’s well-being than right now. 2020 has been a tumultuous start to the year, to say the least, and we know everyone is feeling the stress. In times like this, it is important we take steps to maintain our own health, as well as the health of those around us. Some practical ways of doing this include:

  • Practice mindfulness/contemplation at the start and end of the day, and intermittently throughout. A straightforward way of doing this is to take a moment to focus on your breathing: breath in for 4 seconds, hold for 7 and then exhale for 8. Make sure you are focusing on the movement of breath and what is happening to your body throughout each phase. By quieting our busy lives and entering into a space of solitude, we can develop an awareness of our own needs, and then act accordingly.

  • Try to limit exposure to stress inducers. Although it is paramount we all keep up to date with the latest news and government restrictions, like most things in life, everything is better in moderation. Try to limit excessive scrolling through social media and news platforms, and keep yourself up to date in small doses.

  • Talk. Talk often. Talk constructively. Avoid fear mongering and playing the blame game. Instead, steer towards healthy, open, constructive conversations with loved ones that allow everyone to share their feelings. Healthy self-care does not take place solely within oneself. It involves being connected in meaningful ways with others Calling a family member or friend each day is a great way to connect even while practicing social distancing.

  • Get some good quality Z’s. Sleep is so important for the functioning of every cell in our body. Ensure each night you are ready for sleep. Avoid stimulants (caffeine and sugars) after lunch and try to limit screen time before bed so you can really wind down. Turn off notifications on your phone at night.

  • Get some endorphins pumping. We all know the amazing benefits of exercise and it is so important that we take time, even amongst all the turmoil, to keep our bodies moving. Self-care is a balancing act. Are we giving attention to the physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual, and social aspects of our own being.

Although these are easier said than done, the team at Southside are here to help in any way we can. For now, our doors will be remaining open for as long as possible. But we are offering telehealth appointments for those of you who can’t join us in the clinic.

Stay safe, keep washing those hands, and look after one another, even if from a distance.