Pelvic telehealth

Here is a short blog from pelvic health physiotherapist Alicia outlining how telehealth appointments can be effective for the assessment, education and treatment of pelvic health conditions. 

Yes! We can still assess, treat and guide you on self-management for the following conditions through video-lead appointments:

- Antenatal and Postnatal care and exercise prescription.

- Pelvic pain.

- Up and Down-training (strengthening or teaching to relax) of the Pelvic Floor muscular system.

- Incontinence.

- Endometriosis.

- Poor toileting habits and an overactive bladder – getting back in control of your bladder and/or bowel.

- Men’s Health (Look out for a different blog from our Men's health physio Chris). 


And guess what…it has been proven to work! Check out this published article for some interesting reading.

We believe that for everyone, exercise, education, well-being and a positive mindset are the best medicines; and what better way to make this happen than through our 1:1 video telehealth consults, so book online now: or call Woden: 62825010.


See you soon!

<3 The Southside Physio Team.