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Clayton Harris

Occupational Therapist


Clayton graduated with a bachelor of Occupational Therapy from Griffith University. He has worked within numerous settings along the east coast of Australia, feeding his passion for working with people to achieve their goals in unique and compassionate ways.

Clayton is passionate about ensuring that the goals of his service users are met and satisfaction is attained with every achievement. Clayton has worked with participants of various demographics, including paediatrics (as young as 4 years), individuals with disabilities, aged care participants and adults with mental health diagnoses. He has experience within the residential and community aged care settings, with NDIS participants and working in collaboration with schools with his younger participants.

Both of Clayton’s professional and personal experiences of changing settings have developed his ability to adapt quickly to changing circumstances and problem solve under pressure and within a limited time frame. He has, however, missed one flight which he considers a personal defeat. Outside of work, Clayton can be found anywhere outdoors exploring with his wife and daughter, and can always be found trying to make those around him laugh, often at his own expense.

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