About + Our Values

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The Directors of Southside; Bjarne, Simon and Cameron are very proud to uphold the values and culture that Southside Physio is well known for. We interact within our team, the community and with participants/clients within these values. 

Vision –To be the most trusted healthcare provider in our community.

Mission – To provide Passionate, Excellent Healthcare

Values: (ACTI) Accountability, Compassion, Transparency, Innovation

Why do we come to work? To do our best work with the best people for the people.

Work Culture:

We create good energy at work
We speak to each other respectfully
We feel safe at work
We don’t gossip
We trust and respect each other
We embrace personal growth and learning
We have fun
We have difficult conversations promptly
We embrace diversity
We care for each other
We strive for excellence
We support each other including when we leave
We work in a beautiful environment
We know together we are stronger
We listen with curiosity
We value family & life balance
We make the world a better place