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+ PROST Strength training for Men's Health

Woden: Monday and Thursday 1-2pm

Cost: $300(5 weeks, 2x/week)


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PROST! Inc. is a not-for-profit organisation providing professional guided exercise training and support for men throughout their prostate cancer treatment

+PROST is an evidence based exercise program to help preparation and rehabilitation for men with prostate cancer, it is only run in our Woden Clinic currently.

+PROST! classes are inclusive for all men, especially:

  • Incontinence/leaking
  • Increased urinary frequency
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Men wanting to regain and build bone and muscle mass
  • Men wanting to meet a group of men in similar circumstances

What is involved

  • 60 minute gym exercise session with Men’s Health Physio – Michael Irvine
  • Warm up games
  • Pelvic floor muscle strengthening
  • Evidence based exercises for muscle and bone mass
  • Social coffee club at downstairs café afterwards
  • Ideally 2 sessions/week (best evidence for optimal improvement)

How do I start?

  • Book assessment with Men’s Health physio first
  • Go through the exercises before class starts
  • Ensure correct use of pelvic floor (ultrasound)
  • Baseline outcome measures to compare in the future
  • Feel free to come to the coffee club after class first to meet
    Michael and the group before starting the classes (email first

For information contact or phone Woden 62825010