Nutrition and Dietetics

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Maddie ferguson

Maddie Ferguson

Dietitian and Office Manager

Maddie is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian and also office Manager of our Woden Clinic. She has special interests in chronic disease management, gut health, women’s health, IBS/IBD and weight loss. 

At Southside Physio we are committed to helping out clients achieve their long-term health goals. For this reason we have made moves to include Nutrition and Dietetics as a part of our in-house allied health team. Through our dietitian’s we are offering non-judgmental, individualised dietary advice focused on building sustainable healthy eating behaviour.

Our accredited dietitian offers assistance with a range of diet related conditions including, but not limited to, weight management, diabetes, gut health including food intolerances, and women’s health nutrition, anti-inflammatory diet and many more conditions.

Dietetics is simple to host face to face, mobile or through our online therapy srevice.

What we offer:

-Comprehensive dietary assessment

-Individualised advice, education and counselling based on your goals and eating preferences

-Tailored meal plans, resources and ongoing support

Maddie Ferguson is working in our Woden practice with some availablity in a mobile service.
Her hours are:

Monday: 10am-6pm

Tuesday: 12 pm-7pm

Wednesday: 7am-1:30pm

Friday: 7am-11am

For any questions please email

To call for more information or to book please call Woden 62825010 or Mobile 02 51166615